rkyv (archive) is a zero-copy deserialization framework for rust.

This book covers the motivation, architecture, and major features of rkyv. It is the best way to learn and understand rkyv, but won't go as in-depth on specifics as the documentation will. Don't be afraid to consult these other resources as you need while you read through.


Learning Materials

  • The rkyv discord is a great place to get help with specific issues and meet other people using rkyv
  • The rkyv github hosts the source and tracks project issues and milestones.


  • rkyv, the core library
  • rkyv_dyn, which adds trait object support to rkyv


  • The rust serialization benchmark is a shootout style benchmark comparing many rust serialization solutions. It includes special benchmarks for zero-copy serialization solutions like rkyv.

Sister Crates

  • bytecheck, which rkyv uses for validation
  • ptr_meta, which rkyv uses for pointer manipulation
  • rend, which rkyv uses for endian-agnostic features